2 Months with Birdie

I am smitten with this kitten! 

Time really does fly so much faster this time around. Two months!? Mizuki’s cheeks are filling out and her smiles are growing wider. I had the first moment yesterday when I left her lying on the floor, and came back to her in a totally different position. She is just this sweet little buddy who, as long as she’s fed and rested (I’m with ya) is content to watch the world around her. It’s especially interesting when her older sister is entertaining and in her face.

It’s amazing how different I feel from a month ago. I had a hard time writing her one month blog with much emotion, and now I’m bubbling with it. I just want to nuzzle her face constantly. I love that we get to live this life with her. Going on adventures with both her and Sloane feels like this crazy gift, and I can’t wait to see the world with them!

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