2017 in Photos

Based on my top favourite photos, I think this year can be summed up as one of grand toddler adventures. My little muse set the tone for much of how we spent our time and I suppose that’s how life goes, I’m alright with it! Life is pretty fun with her. This year was a lot more stretching than last, as she entered her toddler years, and it’s felt like a bit of a scramble to try and learn and adapt to how to parent a toddler. It’s a whole different ball game and we are still mostly scrambling. The first half of the year is pretty photo heavy as I felt super inspired and excited to try new things with my camera, and then it dwindles as the year goes on and professional photography work starts to take over my headspace (and pregnancy upends my energy levels), that’s how the seasons go.

Our big trip this year was a visit to Ontario, where we got to spend time with my grandparents in cottage country, explore the Guelph area with my dear friend Robyn, and have a food extravaganza in Toronto. We also fit in a couple visits to Revelstoke, a camping trip with friends, and a weekend in Invermere where I photographed the wedding of some sweet friends. Travel and exploration is always a big highlight for me and I’m thankful we can get in some smaller more local jaunts. 

I’m so thankful for all we were able to witness, experience, and enjoy this year.




Sloane turned two this month! 



Skies were a big highlight this month.  Also we found out we were pregnant!




I think the second photo here might be one of my most meaningful photos of the year. I just quickly clicked the shutter and hoped it was in focus while we were cuddling at the kitchen counter. On this day we had gone for a swim and Sloane slipped and hit her head, knocking her out for a second. I hated how scary that was, and wanted to capture just a fraction of the big love I have for her.


Gorgeous September weather and running wins.  




Appreciating winter wonders in +10 or -30.

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  1. This is an absolutely stunning time capsule for 2017. I smiled the whole way through – you captured some incredibly moving moments. Happy 2018, & all the best bringing a new family member into the mix!

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