1 Month With Birdie

This little bird has been around for a whole month! The longest shortest time is truly the most fitting description, it feels like forever ago that she was born, and yet how is she that old!?

I looked back at Sloane’s one month update and have pretty much the exact same sentiments. The one difference is last time I said “I know nothing and google everything” and this time I know nothing and also google nothing because I at least have learned that google doesn’t really help.

She really is sweet. She has this dainty head and these big blue eyes, and is long everywhere. Graceful fingers and gigantic feet and a torso that will probably never fit T-shirts, just like her dad. She has smiled at me several times which makes me laugh out loud, even when she’s supposed to be falling asleep, and has a cry that is simultaneously pitiful and furious. 

The “connection” with her has taken more time than it did with Sloane, which made me feel pretty guilty. But, I have learned that this is normal, and I am trusting the process and soaking in the moments of simple joy when they come. 

Colin has been home for the four weeks since Mizuki was born and that has been pretty fantastic. It’s felt like a staycation, we’ve been able to tag team the two kids and actually got a little bit of rest. While I am nervous about the learning curve that is going to hit me (I’m imagining more like an avalanche than a slap) once he goes back to work, I think we are both looking forward to the routine of normal life again.

Sloane is so smitten with her! She asks for Baby Birdie as soon as she wakes, loves to cuddle her and rub her back, and is very helpful when we need it. Her main struggles with the adjustment seem to be taken out on us, becoming a bit more whiny and needy, and I’m totally okay with that. I love seeing her fill that Big Sister role so naturally.

  I am simultaneously excited to start figuring out our routine during the days, and terrified. I know that these first few months are some of the hardest but I also am aware that they will go even faster now that there are two kids around. I am trying to make plans for creative projects like blogs and videos to keep me inspired amidst the hard moments, and working on getting outside (even though I’m so done with the cold) as that can make all the difference in our emotions. I can’t believe we get to know her like we know Sloane and yet she will have a completely unique personality. I am so excited to see it!

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