Tokyo, Part 3

We have finally come to recap of our last couple days in Tokyo!  

By this time, travel with a toddler was driving us to desperate measures.  Because we were staying in an Airbnb in an apartment building (where Japanese people are notoriously quiet and private) we were unwilling to let her cry for any length of time in order to fall asleep. By the end of our trip, we had to lie with her until she fell into a deep sleep and were getting up with her several times a night if she cried out.  We also spent the last couple nights eating dinner solo, because that allowed us to go out and enjoy something we truly wanted, rather than rushing to eat somewhere that was good for Sloane.

It’s not easy and it’s different but you make it work and it truly was worth it in the end. We got back to a normal sleep schedule after about a week and a half of being home, and those solo dinners were a nice way to get some alone time. I felt pretty brave exploring parts of Tokyo on my own.  

As I mentioned in my last post, we tried to find activities specifically geared towards Sloane over these last couple days and the biggest win was the Tokyo Toy Museum.  It’s a beautifully designed, multi-level space that features vintage wooden toys, unique games and interactive and imaginative spaces for kids of all ages to explore.  I often wish there was a place like this in Calgary!

On the last night of our stay, Colin went out to buy gifts and souvenirs (I was not excited about walking with Sloane through packed aisles of ceramic kitchenware) so Sloane and I napped and went for a walk to check out the Tokyo tower.  Even though she won’t remember it, this was a truly magical night for me.  Venturing out into the dark and viewing the expansive lights of a foreign city with my first child.  I love that we got to share these moments with her. 

Finally, I will end this post with something that truly summarizes our visits to Japan…food!  For my last solo dinner I wanted ramen but the place I had planned to go wasn’t open that night, so I awkwardly bumbled into a ramen chain.  It was the kind where you order at a vending machine, which I had never done solo before (and didn’t figure out until I had been sitting for 10 minutes blushingly trying to figure out how to order).  I couldn’t figure out how to add any extras to my soup so I got the basic and slurped away (you can’t really be disappointed by ramen in Tokyo).  

The big success came in the form of dessert! I had long planned to visit a little cafe that served giant Shave Ice near to our Airbnb, and I was not disappointed.  I happily got all the extras I wanted (despite really being quite full…)  and slowly enjoy the frosty, custardy, mochi topped treat as my delicious final taste of Tokyo.

 Until next time, Japan!!
Until next time, Japan!!

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