Tokyo, Part 2

After spending so much time traveling around and keeping Sloane restrained to her stroller throughout the first half of the trip, we tried to be really intentional about doing things in Tokyo that she would enjoy.  We decided to check out the Shinagawa Aquarium for one of these outings.  Black lights, bright interactive exhibits, a huge musical performance area, we were sure this would be a hit.  It turned out Sloane was freaked out by most of the creatures, raced through the exhibits, and found the music in the dolphin performance way too loud.  Got popcorn though, so that was a win.  

After this we went over to SHAKE SHACK! Seeing these burgers and fries on many a hip Instagram, we were excited to try one of the locations in Tokyo. The location of the restaurant itself, at the Tokyo International Forum in Marunouchi,  was worth visiting.  Cool architecture, clean streets, hip coffee trucks.  Okay thats pretty standard fare for Tokyo, but still fun to experience.  We were obviously quite hungry because neither of us captured a cute ‘gram of the food. 

That night we braved the rain that evening to check out Takeshita Street in Harajuku.  The pop and flare of Harajuku was amplified by the wet streets, and there’s something atmospheric about hundreds of clear umbrellas passing you by under neon lights.

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