November Week 2 Recap

This week started off with Sloane’s first flu. A sad 24 hours of little sleep and many loads of laundry. Even as difficult as it is to wake up every 30 minutes throughout the night and watch your kid suffer, there are still those moments that you wouldn’t trade for anything. I finally curled up beside her at 4:30 am, both to give her some comfort and to be able to pass her the puke bucket so I wouldn’t have to change bedding again, and I savored the feel of having her little body so close to mine. Something that used to be reality for the first months of her life is now rare and precious.

If I could give new parents a piece of advice it would be to not let the sleep books and websites scare you too much: trust yourself. I’ve heard (and felt) this general sentiment that if you snuggle your child to sleep you will create horrible habits and maybe never sleep again. Bad habits can be created, but they can also be fixed. The chances to be close to our kids are fleeting and become fewer and farther between as they grow, so don’t be afraid to go with your instincts and cuddle them to sleep sometimes.

The flu picked us off one at a time so we stayed home most of the week and watched a LOT of TV.  On Colin’s sick day, Sloane and I made it outside for our longest stretch yet (at around -8) of an hour so I’m feeling a little more positive about making it through the rest of the winter.  The one downside is winter boots.  Putting on winter boots is my number one motivator to NOT be pregnant in the winter next time around. 

Another new favourite winter activity is “picnics” in our basement. We layout blankets and get a snack tray and spend a surprising amount of time reading, gaming, or eating one of the pretend meals Sloane makes in her kitchen. I also frequently end up spending half the time feeding Sloane’s baby doll, which I feel is great practice for reality in a few months. 

 Finally got a solution for the
Finally got a solution for the “what coat can she wear in a cold carseat??” dilemma.  Thanks kijiji! 

It was my turn for the flu, but I got lucky and only experienced the general crappy day-after feeling and skipped the puking stage. I mentioned in my last post that I’ve had to seriously limit the amount of emotional and interpersonal drama in my reading materials, so I’ve been reading more non-fiction than ever in my life. I’ve found that running books are simultaneously motivating, inspiring, and devoid of almost any emotional investment!  Also people who run hundreds of miles on end are awesome and crazy. 

We finally all recovered from sickness by Friday and Sloane and I were excited to get out of the house for an adventure!  We checked out the Millarville Christmas Market with my parents, and it was a lovely day for it.  Snacks, reindeer, and a cape for Sloane.  Can’t really go wrong. 

We were all feeling so pumped to just have fun after a week indoors and we got a beautiful day on Saturday to enjoy the snow.  I picked up a sled and Sloane LOVED it. I was sure she’d be freaked out but she wanted to go over and over again by herself.  More encouraging signs towards actually enjoying the snowy months!

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