November Week 3 Recap

One of my favourite new parks in Calgary is Prairie Winds park in the northeast.  In the summer they have a huge wading pool and spray park which we enjoyed a few times, and the size of it made it feel far less crowded than some of the other spray parks in the city.  The other perk is its proximity to some of the best Indian food in the city, it’s definitely worth making an afternoon of it! I remember noticing the giant hill in the middle of the park (at the time I was thinking, hey that would be perfect for hill intervals…) and thought back to it this week while planning another sledding outing. We decided to check it out and it was awesome!  I actually got a little motion sick when I tried the big hill solo, so fast! (I’m old)

Sloane wasn’t as into the sledding today but I bribed her with hot chocolate to take a couple more runs. Ended up getting in a few intervals in too while she dilly dallied in the snow 🙂

 Inspired by, we decided to get in the holiday spirit and make a bucket list!
Inspired by, we decided to get in the holiday spirit and make a bucket list!
 Basement picnics in our PJ's, is there anything better!?
Basement picnics in our PJ’s, is there anything better!?

After the last few days, I feel extra positive about winter. I mean, we’ve both (mostly) actually been enjoying it, sometimes getting outside a couple times a day! It involves a lot of low expectations and bribery with sugar, but we’ve had some pretty great adventures already. I think it helps that she’s currently obsessed with Frozen. If things get rough we can always sing a couple of the songs, build a snowman, and pretend that we are Anna & Elsa saving each other with “true love”.

I’ve also been working on taking things one day at a time.  I know this is something that I really need for my current experience of pregnancy, but also for handling life with a toddler.  One day we can have the best day ever and the next I find myself thinking, “How am I going to handle this? It’s only going to get harder“. Recently I was carrying to her room for a time-out and she was yelling at me DON’T TOUCH ME DON’T TOUCH ME! I’ve always been most afraid of the teenage stage but it feels as though the teenage stage is here…

And then the rest of the time she’s hilarious and sweet and caring and wonderful and I remember that we can do this toddler thing. We’re in this together.

I hit 30 weeks this week, wowwww.  10 weeks sounds like a long time, but when I break down what is going to happen in that time, I realize just how fast it’s going to go. Midwife appointments will be every 2 weeks now, and I want to get the crib set up right NOW. Sometimes my stomach takes me by surprise, like “Whoa! Where did that come from…”

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