Skating at Bowness Park

Here’s a post from last winter that for some reason remained in my drafts. Sloane has been pretending to put on skates and slip around the hardwood these days, so Im looking forward to actually trying skating with her this year.  Colin works right by Olympic Plaza, which is a skating rink in the winter, so we are planning some lunch time visits once it freezes. Can’t wait for the pink cheeks and hot chocolate rewards!

-15 with a windchill making it feel like -30 is typically something we Calgarians just endure. But, it does mean that the outdoor rinks will soon be ready for skating and that’s something I can definitely look forward to.  After a failed attempt at Carburn Park earlier this week, I saw some photos on Instagram of people skating at the Bowness Park Lagoon, so we gave it a shot.

We ended up there just before the sun sank behind the trees with the rink to ourselves.  The great thing about these bigger rinks is that you are allowed skating aids on the ice and I wanted to give the stroller a shot.  It was a blast!  Sloane was cozy and safe in the stroller while I could skate around to my hearts content. 

Bowness Park “officially” opens on December 25th. They turn on the Christmas lights, have fires burning and open their rental shack for skate rentals.  They also have a long winding canal that you can skate down which they were still prepping.  It was awesome to have the place to ourselves for a bit, and I can’t wait to go back!

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