Toddler Travels to Tokyo

The flight there was 11 hours.  We survived it.  She fell asleep within the first couple hours and then was woken up by the baby crying in front of us after thirty minutes, and didn’t sleep again until we landed.  So…we survived.  Toys, stickers, snacks, repeat.  

The Narita airport is an hour from Tokyo station, so we decided to just stay in Tokyo for the night before heading out for further travel.  We stayed in a tiny Airbnb where we all shared a futon (reminded me of her newborn days) and I began my endless thanksgiving that we decided to switch her to a bed on the floor before coming on this trip.  We got famous Tayaki, fish shaped pancakes filled with sweet potato or sweet bean paste, in the evening and tried to stay up to a reasonable bedtime hour.  In the morning Sloane was up at 4 am, and we managed to stay in until 6:30 am before leaving to get egg sandwiches from the convenience store and watch the sunrise across Ueno park.

While 4-5 am wakeups are not my preference, those sunrise walks we had in our first few days were some of my favourite times.  The world was quiet, the air was crisp and the light fell cool and pastel across the waking streets.  Elderly men out on their morning walk would smile and say ohayou gozaimasu (good morning), which wasn’t to be expected any other time in Tokyo.  We were refreshed and ready to explore.

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